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When it comes to cheese we’ve got you covered. If its not on the list don’t be afraid to call and check as we have access to a much larger range in all different weights shapes and sizes.

Block Cheese

Mild Cheddar Block 2.5Kg
Mature Cheddar Block 2.5Kg
Red Leicester Block 2.5Kg
Mozzarella Block 2.5Kg
Cheshire Block 2.5Kg
Double Gloucester Block 2.5Kg
Lancashire Block 2.5Kg
Parmesan Block 2.5Kg
Stilton Wheel 2Kg
Feta Cheese Block 900g
Goats Cheese Log 1Kg
Brie Wheel 1Kg
Mozzarella Balls 12's
Halloumi Cheese 200g
Mexican Chilli Cheese 1Kg
Smoked Cheddar 1Kg
Wensleydale & Cranberry 1Kg
Wensleydale & Apricot 1Kg
Cream Cheese 2Kg
Cottage Cheese 2Kg

Grated Cheese

Chef’s Blend Mild Grated Cheese 2Kg
Chef’s Blend Mature Grated Cheese 2Kg
Country Parlour Mature Grated 2Kg
Chef’s Blend Red Grated Cheese 2Kg
Chef’s Blend Pizza Mix 2Kg

Bespoke Grated Mild Cheddar 2Kg
Grated Mature Cheddar 2Kg
Grated Red Cheddar 2Kg
Grated Mozz/Cheddar Mix 70/30 2Kg
Grated Cheshire 2Kg
Grated Red/White 50/50 Cheddar 2Kg

Sliced Cheese

Sliced Mild Cheddar 1Kg
Sliced Mature Cheddar 1Kg
Sliced Mozzarella 1Kg
Sliced Emmental 1Kg
Sliced Monterey Jack 1Kg
Kerrymaid Burger Slices 1.4Kg